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b.workshop - Intégrateur JD Edwards et de solutions ERP


JD Edwards is a software published by the company Oracle.

B.workshop is based on 5 essential points of this solution: its robustness, scalability, the Oracle certification of installers, as well as its mobility and ergonomics.

We propose a solution that has a high maturity, thanks to over 40 years of experience that lives with its time.


JDE’s mission is to manage the entire business of organizations.

The software is presented as a qualitative and robust solution capable of managing the entire logistics chain in companies of all sizes, from purchases to sales, manufacturing and finance/accounting.

It is aimed for all types of sectors: Agribusiness, consumer goods, luxury, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, utilities …

User Experience

JDE is fully available on tablets (iPad, Samsung …) and on smartphones (iPhone, Android), hence a user experience on all types of media.

JDE is ergonomic (thanks to its latest web versions compatible with the main multiple-screen formats – no development skill required) and equipped with a fully integrated BI in real time, through the One View Reporting module.


Therefore, JDE offers mobile applications consistently integrated with simplified ergonomics. Nowadays, 81 mobile applications are available and cover the main user functional areas (sales consulting, approval of purchase requisitions, expense reports, etc.)


The JDE solution has a lot of benefits, to which is added an essential point: the price !

On the long run and taking into account the implementation and maintenance of our ERP, we found that total cost of ownership (TCO) was lower for corporate customers than prices generally found on the market.

Why? Simply because it evolves in regards to technological advances and behaviors of the users. A new and even more ergonomic version 9.2 is now scheduled for use until 2026.

  • Netsuite, the leader in Cloud ERP with a user-configurable solution


  • In addition to a very fine setting, NetSuite offers verticals that allow you to respond as closely as possible to the specificities of each sector, which are carried by the editor. Finally, NetSuite also makes available to its customers its own development tools that allow everyone to ‘customize’ even more finely the solution. And all these customizations can be certified for version upgrade with the heart of the solution.

For more information, visit the Netsuite YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/NetSuite


  • Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services

PBCS is the Oracle budget management solution (IT cost management), better known as Hyperion Planning, but hosted on the Oracle cloud. It dramatically accelerates the implementation time on projects all by providing the same functionality as the traditional solution.

It can be the perfect complement to the BI solution also present in the Cloud, BICS (Business Intelligence Cloud Service).

Intégrateur JD Edwards et de solutions ERP

ERP Cloud Finance


•        Benefit from a scalable cloud solution

•        Follow its development

•        Settle internationally

•        Introduce processes into the organization

•        Benefit from a repository and a common language

•        Guide through the indicators (KPIs)


•        SAAS solution dedicated to companies of significant size

•        Including the following modules:

•        Finance

•        Supply

•        Sales

•        Projects

•        Interfaces with multiple Oracle Cloud solutions

•        Consolidation & Budget (PBCS)

•        Human Resources (HCM & Talent)

•        Electronic Documents Management

•        …


•        Identify key project objectives (piloting, modernization, international, etc.)

•        Map Target Processes (Purchase To Pay, Order To Cash)

•        Identify data for conversion (repositories, outstanding amounts, etc.)

•        Configuring and testing the solution

•        Train employees

•        Prepare and assist start-up


•        Senior consultants (mapping target processes and main business rules)

•        Functional consultant (setting-up, testing, training, start-up assistance)

•        Developer (interfaces, editions)


Intégrateur JD Edwards et de solutions ERP

Yooz is an online solution in SaaS mode that specializes in automatic invoice processing. Yooz Business Edition is the dedicated edition for companies.


•Automatic Recognition
•Registration and Charges
•Electronic validation circuit
•Export of entries to ERP or accounting software
•Electronic archiving


Magic Software

Magic Software is a leading provider of multiple-mode application platform solutions – including Full Client, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modes – and business and process integration solutions.

Magic XPI


The Magic XPI integration platform addresses securely and with proven reliability the issues of enterprise application integration, business process automation and data synchronization by:

•        Providing customer service with real-time information on customers, previous offers, problem resolutions, order tracking and more.

•        Automating order processing and linking product information, inventory readjustment, order processing, credit authorizations and customer discounts to an e-commerce website.

•        Meeting the requirements of other companies involved in the supply chain for real-time automatic exchange of data between applications



•        Design studio based on the Visual Studio environment

•        Drag & drop solution that doesn’t require knowledge of programming language (code free)

•        Build your flows using plug-and-play connectors:

•        JD Edwards Enterprise One and World Software

•        CRM: Salesforce, Sugar CRM

•        ERP: SAP, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics

•        IoT: MQTT standard connector

•        Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

•        Database, Web Services, FTP …

•        More than 100 connectors available

•        Monitoring your flows through a web portal



•        Identify data flows

•        Define trade frequency and criticality

•        Implement and monitor data flows

•        Transfer competency internally



•        Architects to define data exchange strategies and map interface flows

•        Technical Consultants for development and integration testing

Why ?

  • Digitize customer-supplier relationships
  • Dematerialize 100% of billing flows
  • Harmonize back-office processes regardless of the ERP
  • Avoid point-to-point connections
  • Archive your supplier invoices

What ?

  • A SAAS network and global platform
  • Platform for invoice exchange
  • Procurement Process Management Platform
  • Supplier data and supplier risk management
  • A Marketplace for procurement is based on collaboration

How ?

  • Having your suppliers sign up quickly and free of charge
  • Meeting the requirements of tax dematerialization
  • Using Apps to increase the power of the tool
  • Managing virtual credit cards
  • Through a unified and ergonomic user interface


  • Senior consultants (mapping target processes and main business rules)
  • Change Management consultant to support internal and external communication
  • Project manager to manage supplier enrollment
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