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Third Party Application Maintenance

In 2015, b.workshop decided to launch its TMA (Third Party Application Maintenance) offer to meet the demand of its customers who wanted to outsource JD.Edwards’ application maintenance after a migration or implementation project.

 With this offer, we offer our customers an excellent way to secure the day-to-day operation of their solution while allowing them to refocus their internal activity on value-added tasks.

Since then, our TMA platform has grown and we have opened our offer to the NetSuite solution as well.

offer is :

Access to experts

Covering the full range of JD Edwards and NetSuite functionality

Ensure continuity of service

Our teams take turns at all times to meet your needs

Manage load peaks flexibly

Our support adapts to your level of activity

Reduce ERP maintenance and upgrade costs

Improve the quality of its information system

We advise and support your teams on a daily basis for an optimum use of your ERP system.

Our TMA activities

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User Support

Access to functional and technical experts to handle user requests with reactivity.

Evolutive / adaptive maintenance

Treatment of new user needs by an evolution of the parameter setting or specific developments, the priority being to remain within the standard. Management of regulatory changes

Authorization/security management

Centralization of all changes in user roles and authorizations to ensure compliance with your segregation of duties rules.

Corrective Maintenance

Conformity of the solution following the detection of anomalies noted by the users of the solution in relation to the General Functional Specifications.


Evolutions impactant plusieurs modules et nécessitant une organisation et un mode de gestion plus importants

CNC Activities

Supervision, administration and operation to ensure the evolution and proper functioning of JD Edwards environments and associated databases/operating systems

TheTMA b.workshop offer

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