Recurring problems with known symptoms

The Supply Chain is subjected to increasingly strong constraints, because of the flows growing complexity:

Shorter product life cycle
More pressure on deadlines and diversity in demand
Larger networks of actors covering wider geographical areas

The consequences are irrevocable:

Stock out
Changing and contradictory decisions

One solution: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

DDMRP is a method of piloting multi-level, pull-flow planning and implementation aimed at protecting and promoting flows.

It enables the optimization of inventory levels to best meet market demand, by relying on stock buffers at strategic points in the BOMs and the distribution network.

DDMRP relies on firm demand rather than forecasts to generate and manage replenishment orders, whether for manufacturing, transfers or external purchases.

A Smart Combination

The method adds its innovations to elements of recognized concepts :

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
Lean Manufacturing
Theory of Constraints
Six Sigma


The 5 components of the DDMRP

Here are the 5 steps of a DDMRP implementation :

Position strategic decoupling points
Sizing the buffers
Dynamically adjust buffers
Planning by actual demand
Execute planned orders collaboratively and visually

5 composants du DDMRP

Convincing results

The first results of the DDMRP show a refocusing of stock levels to a level closer to the optimal :

Situation avant DDMRP
1er résultats DDMRP

The virtuous management of these inventory levels induces important benefits on the whole Supply Chain, translated by an improvement of the key indicators (source: Demand Driven Institute):

Improvement of the service rate

97% – 100%

Time compression


Inventory reduction

30% – 45%

Lower overall costs

Easy and intuitive to use

The DDMRP in JD Edwards

Our solution is natively integrated with JD Edwards and does not require any interfaces.

It allows you to quickly integrate DDMRP logic into your environment, with a reduced IT effort, in a logic of deployment per site.

Profil article DDMRP

Figure 1 – Article Profile

Priorités en planification DDMRP

Figure 2 – Planning Priorities

Projection de stock DDMRP

Figure 3 – Stock Projection

Historique de Buffer DDMRP

Figure 4 – Buffer History

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