logo release NetSuite 2022.2

NetSuite release 2022.2

We would like to present you the new NetSuite release 2022.2 !

b.workshop has taken a detailed look at the Release Note’s contents. Among the many new features that NetSuite brings us, we have decided in this article to explain the following improvements:

Germany Localization

In this NetSuite release 2022.2, the German localization offers you improvements in the chart of accounts and the financial reports. The chart of accounts now includes the SKR03 and SKR04 standards. A chart of accounts template is proposed which can be used when buiding the chart of accounts. Numerous suitetax reports such as Intrastat – Arrivals and Intrastat – Dispatches, Recapitulative Statement, Periodic VAT Return – USt 1A, and GoBD Data Extract. You also have balance sheet, balance reports (Susa) and income statement reports.

Release NetSuite 2022.2Installation of germany charts of account

Project 360 Dashboard

Within new NetSuite release 2022.2, a new SuiteApp “Project 360 dashboard” has been launched in the marketplace. It provides a project dashboard with a centralized view of key metrics and data points to manage projects efficiently. Project managers can access the Project Portfolio page to view all the projects assigned to them.

This new Dashboard allows to project manager to :

  • Access and review key performance indicators for one or more projects in one place.
Release NetSuite 2022.2 : project overview


  • View various information about the primary details of a project.
Release NetSuite 2022.2 : ressource planning


  • Monitor spending against the budget on a project’s current progress.
  • Track client invoices and monitor revenue for a project.
Release NetSuite 2022.2 : budget and EAC


  • Analyze, gauge, and maintain profitability throughout a project
Release NetSuite 2022.2 : financial


The SuiteApp is available for free on the Oracle NetSuite Marketplace.

The Quality Module

The NetSuite Quality module continues to get a facelift with each NetSuite release, and we are delighted!

As a reminder, this module consists in adding a functionalities package around the quality management, during the receiving phase, production, shipping or on demand. It includes a remote screen allowing to make inspections on a simplified tablet interface.

Before this NetSuite release 2022.2, when items or lot did not meet the expected standards, the operator had to manually manage their re-entry into the process (production or re-inspection). Now it is possible to send the concerned items to the right bin and/or inventory status for reprocessing without any manual action!

This feature should save time for many quality operators.


The WMS and MANUFACTURING Mobile applications keep growing with each release and offer operators even more possible tasks to do, offer mobility and make these applications easier to use. 

NetSuite release 2022.2 offers the following features for the WMS, among others: 

  • A more refined use of WIP type bins with the ability to transfer items to these bins via the WMS Mobile
  • The ability to pick and ship service items through the WMS Mobile
  • An improvement in the use of scans via GS1 barcodes
  • An intelligent inventory count via the WMS Mobile that allows to consider the transactions in progress that would impact the counting of an item and to notify the user.

It also offers the following features for manufacturing processes through the Manufacturing Mobile app: 

  • Picking more components than planned in a WIP or non-WIP work order
  • A new page for setting preferences (automatic backflush, real-time assembly, etc.)
  • An evolution of mobile screens and reporting capability for non-WIP work orders identical to what is already possible for WIP work orders.

In addition to the fully customizable mobile screens, the WMS Mobile and Manufacturing Mobile applications continue to offer a set of features that can represent the whole tasks to be performed by an operator in a warehouse or production plant. 

Multi Subsidiary Customer & Consolidated Payments 

This new feature is not a unique feature but a combination of two NetSuite features not possible before NetSuite release 2022.2. In order to combine these features, all parent customers must have all subsidiaries of their subcustomers. 

The first feature, “Multi subsidiary customer”, promotes the sharing of a common database between NetSuite subsidiaries. It optimizes the third-party database and facilitates customer management. The second feature, “Consolidated Payments” allows you to receive payment from a parent customer (customer group) for its child. When you select a parent customer, its open transactions as well as those of the child will appear.  

The combination of these two features is a breakthrough for advanced payment and customer management in NetSuite.