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The Afyren challenge: the implementation of the NetSuite ERP during the construction of a factory


Testimonial on the NetSuite ERP’s implementation

AFYREN NEOXY is the first industrial entity of AFYREN. This plant is currently under construction on the Chemesis industrial platform located in Carling Saint Avold, in the Grand Est region.

Its objective is to produce, as of 2022, the 7 of AFYREN’s family 100% biobased organic acids with a production capacity of 16,000 tons. These natural organic acids and their derivatives are innovative, high-performance solutions for the food, feed, flavor and fragrance, lubricant, materials science and life science sectors.

Gilles Clasadonte, Administrative and Financial Director / ERP Project Manager at AFYREN NEOXY, shares his feedback on the NetSuite implementation project.

Project form :

9 employees at Afyren Neoxy

4 consultants at b.workshop

7 months

project remotly executed (due to COVID-19)

Modules : Accounting, manufacturing and CRM, Business Processes AP, P2P & O2C

What was the context/particularity of the project?

Construction of the plant started in Q4 2020 and the plant will be operational in early 2022. To get it up and running, AFYREN is implementing an operations management system based on operational excellence. We wanted to deploy an ERP in a lean spirit in parallel with the construction of our first plant. We wanted an ERP that could support our development and our evolution. For the implementation of this project, we had a small team of 4-5 people involved. Over time, the ERP will be used by about 50 employees. 

As part of our operational excellence approach, it was also essential to have an ERP integrated with the CRM that would allow us to provide a solid infrastructure to our customers. NetSuite perfectly met our needs.

The particularity of the project is the NetSuite ERP’s implementation with the construction of the plant at the same time.

What was the project timeline? How did both your and b.workshop’s teams adapt to keep to the schedule?

The exchanges were efficient from the very first workshops. The b.workshop teams listened and advised us on the choices to be made in NetSuite. They met our expectations to stay as close as possible to the standard.

How did the NetSuite standard meet the needs of the project?

The standard met about 70% of our needs. Our respective experiences allowed us to find, each time, three or four alternatives to solve functional gaps (management of co-products, subcontracting or remote storage) while remaining within the NetSuite standard.

What are the points of satisfaction that you get from this project?

We completed phase 1 of our deployment on schedule. The project started in July 2020 for a go live in March 2021. The b.workshop teams supported us with the same energy and professionalism during the different phases of the project. The weekly project meetings allowed us to have a clear vision of the schedule, the budget and the actions to be taken.

What are the next steps? Do you foresee any developments in the medium term?

Several major steps are expected in the next few weeks. We are going to deploy business software such as CMMS or LIMS, with interactions with NetSuite, followed by the integration of manufacturing flows for the last quarter of 2021. We will also start the process of dematerializing data exchanges with some of our customers. The implementation of EDI will be a vector of continuous improvement of our processes.

The implementation of NetSuite and our collaboration with b.workshop, allow us to serenely consider the development of our company and to ensure a continuous upgrade of our solution without the need for specific development.

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