The FEC package version 5

Discover the FEC package in its brand new V5 version!

b.workshop has been offering for several years a customized FEC (File of Accounting Entries) package that advantageously replaces the JDE localization functionality.  

This new major version is revealed through the following points: 

As a result of various returns from our clients’ tax audits, it has become mandatory to present a carry forward at the beginning of the posting file that is detailed by third party number for the balances of the reconciliation accounts. 

This obligation is not supported by the location provided by Oracle. 

Our package not only offers you the possibility to include this auxiliary detail by third party number but also, if necessary, it offers this same detail at the lowest level, i.e. at the level of the supporting document (invoice, credit note, etc.). 

The determination of the information justifying the auxiliary detail is based on JDE’s standard auxiliary programs. 

We have enriched the standard renumbering functionality to include the possibility of being able to generate it from any period of the fiscal year as well as for the current fiscal year to respond to a continuous tax audit. 

We have implemented a control during the generation of retained earnings to ensure that the balances generated are completely integrated with the N-1 accounting balance, thus guaranteeing the total integrity of the accounting information between fiscal years. 

The accounting entries file is available with our package in two versions of  : 

  • A first version in structured csv format that allows to make the last checks before the generation of the final format.
  • A second version in text format with a regulatory naming (SIREN-exercise) for the tax auditor.
The modus operandi in JDE : 

Mode opératoire FEC JDE

Generation of the FEC : 

Génération du FEC

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